ADI – Students Sponsorship

BEI - ADI Student Sponsorship

ADI transforms forgotten children into leaders

ADI (African Dreams Initiative) is an NGO based in Kampala the capital of Uganda which identifies exceptional children living on the edge of society all over Uganda with the goal of turning them into future leaders through education in the best schools.

African Dream Initiative gives promising but disadvantaged children the resources to become Africa’s future leaders. We provide quality education and help them build the skills they need to make their communities places where dreams can come true.
The African Dream Initiative (ADI) believes that the best way to build a stronger Africa is to foster future African leaders from diverse backgrounds. We provide our talented and motivated students with the skills, education and resources they need to become leaders in their own communities, creating a cycle of success.


BEI sponsors 6 outstanding students on their way to becoming leaders in Ugandan society and has donated funds for the purchase of a van.

  1. Thank you Barrington for your outstanding donations towards preparing these future leaders, your partnership with ADI has made a significant impact in these children’s lives. Shaluwat one of the girls you sponsor has become an Icon in her school because of her exemplary performance.


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