BSUF – Community Center


BSUF – Buyemba Subira Uganda Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 2005 to help the local community from the Butansi area in the Kamuli region in south-east Uganda,

BSUF is active in education, health, subsistence farming, and Community centre construction as their mission is to provide welfare, educational, vocational and spiritual support, as well as infrastructure programs to enhance the health and wellbeing of the village communities in Uganda.

The organization is focused on:

  • Support for needy children, often orphaned through HIV/AIDS, via a sponsorship program to provide school fees, scholastic materials and other essential requirements.
  • Provide adult literacy programs to the community and to train the women in new income-generating activities.
  • Provide the youth with skills through vocational training.
  • Implement a health educational program for the youth and young girls in the community (Young people’s centre).
  • Provide improved amenities – community centre, water supplies, proper sanitation and power (solar) supply


BSUF has a UK based committee for executive decision making, fundraising and networking and Uganda based committee for implementing decisions and administering the charity on the ground and day-to-day activities.

BEI is involved in the construction of the community center and the financing of school fees, uniforms and salaries of staff.