Youth With a Mission

YWAM – Youth with a Mission (in Georgian Ahalgazrdoba Miznit) is a Georgian based Non-governmental organization founded in 2006.

Our main focus is working with children and young people-Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Kurdish and also reaching out to the poor and more.
We have two main offices one located in the capital “Tbilisi” the other in the city of Marneuli to the east about an hour from Tbilisi.

Some of the ways we serve the children and youth are with Kids clubs, sports team, partnering with a local street children’s center and more.

Our philosophy if to reach out to the whole child/person. We want to touch equally the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the individuals we work with.
So our programs often involve physical games, sports and education about health- ex, how to brush your teeth, the importance of good health and exercise, etc.
We also are teaching – English is a big need that can help people eventually get jobs or get into a better school or university. It is very popular and in big demand here in the formers Soviet Union . We also spend a lot of time on teaching social skills and character development. We are running some new programs teaching practical skills like Sewing and quilting. We also have one team working with reviving the ancient art of Rug Weaving- this brings a benefit to the whole families, giving them a viable business and income.

On the spiritual side, we want every child to understand that he or she is loved. With divorce at over 60 percent in the former Soviet Union, abuse on the rise, poverty for the majority of families, children need hope and need to know they are loved. We teach the truths of the Bible which bring hope, encouragement and a sense of destiny.

Ahalgazrdoba Miznit is associated with YWAM international working in over 170 nations and with around 25,000 staff and more than 1200 operating locations around the world. The University of the Nations is YWAMs international university with hundreds of training programs for all spheres of society.

We hope to implement more of these training courses here in Georgia. These courses are aimed mainly at Young people ages 16 to 25+. Right now we annually run a 5 month program for young people that includes physical, mental, spiritual and character development for them and a big focus on reaching out to children. Young people are very effective at reaching out to children as they are close in age and also open to going anywhere and living under any circumstances it takes to get to were their target people group is.

BEI has stated supporting  YWAM programs in 2015

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