NHE – Children’s Inclusive Education

Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise (NHE) is an international NGO working in Azerbaijan in the fields of community development, capacity building and empowering local NGOs and social businesses, mainly through partnerships.

CYP – Children and Youth Program
This project provides training and support for vulnerable children and their families. The main goals of this program are to empower parents to care for their children with disabilities (CWDs) themselves, to help children in institutions make the transition into society, and to provide activities and rehabilitiation that will help CWDs reach their full potential. One of NHE’s key focus areas is training and equipping parents with knowledge and skills related to their children’s care and ability development.

Since 2000, the CYP has been working in Shagan Children’s Home No. 3 in Mardakan District near Baku, which houses over 150 CWDs. To support the children´s physical and social development., the project team visits three times a week to involve children in individual and group activities using methods based on physiotherapy, music therapy, Theraplay, and occupational therapy. The team also provides the children’s home staff with training to support them in serving the children´s medical needs.

Since 2013 and as part of the CY Program portfolio BEI supports an Inclusive Education project in Sheki, a town in the central mountain region of Azerbaijan. The project’s goal is to see CWDs attend preshools in Sheki, an important step toward seeing them reach their full potential through inclusion in regular state schools. During the project 21 teachers from five preschools in Sheki were trained in inclusive education and Child Centered Methodology, and two preschools were partially renovated in order to adapt them to the special needs of CWDs. Currently six CWDs are attending these two preschools.

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