The Barrington Education Initiative -BEI  is an Austrian private charitable foundation set up and funded by Mr. Brian Barrington in 2003. The Initiative focuses on improving the education, health and welfare of young children in impoverished communities in various parts of the world.

We cooperate with NGO’s and professionals and are guided by their knowledge and experience, in promoting meaningful projects with a local partner in order to achieve our common goals.

It is always important to remind ourselves that the child of today is the adult of tomorrow and so it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to ensure a better tomorrow for them their families and society.



Our projects include the development and upgrading of existing facilities and resources in order to create a healthy, safe and stimulating environment for children to grow and develop. Emphasis is also placed on capacity development and education of parents, teachers, caregivers and community organizations.

Although we are a relatively small organization, we make every effort not merely to donate funds but to build bridges and become part of the projects and people we work with. BEI believes in direct and long term involvement in these projects in the hope that positive results at the local level will eventually spread and have a wider constructive influence on the lives of many more children.


The goal of the Initiative is to help improve these services in the belief that this will lead children from all parts of the world to enjoy a higher quality of life and contribute to the development of the child in his or her family and environment.
The Initiative is intended to express the deeply held belief of its founder that quality education can lead children from all parts of the world to a more equitable share in the benefits of technological and social progress.
The Initiative aims at the establishment of small select projects through local professionals and agencies, emphasizing the development and promotion of those programs and techniques which will provide practical solutions to the most pressing problems confronting these communities.

Our Founder

Mr. Barrington’s own accomplishments in the field of business demonstrate the validity of this conviction, and have motivated him to commit significant resources to promoting this effort.

Contributing to the improvement in the provision of these services in Asia, the Middle East and Africa is one of the goals entrusted to the Initiative by Mr. Barrington.

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