The annual BEI Conference will take place in Baku in April 2015

BEI Annual Conference 2015

Once a year, BEI meets with the delegates from the organizations we cooperate with. The upcoming meeting is going to be held in Azerbaijan from the 13th to the 17th of April. The event will combine training sessions for the delegates with reports regarding the activities of their organizations during 2014. There will be also time for networking and tourism. Baku will be the city and “Management and Evaluation Skills for NGO’s” the subject of the 2015 BEI Education Conference.

NGO operations are about change – change in people, communities and environments. As such, measuring success demands effective identification of those who have the most interest in the operations of the NGO – the stakeholders. This is the reason why the first day of sessions will focus  on developing results-based strategies, because the foundation of results-based strategies development is a robust understanding of stakeholders.

The second day of sessions will focus on evaluating impact and performance with reference to results-based plans, that requires the identification of meaningful indicators of success. Participants will look at a set of principles for drafting effective indicators for each part of a results chain. Then they will draft a set of indicators for their own results-based plans. Participants will also look at seven principles for Financial Management in NGO settings: Consistency, Accountability, Transparency, Viability, integrity, Stewardship and Accounting Standards. They will assess their current practices with reference to these principles and take away an action plan to address needs for change that become apparent.

During the third day of the meetings, delegates will have the opportunity to present short reports regarding the activities of their organizations during 2014.

About BEI

The Barrington Education Initiative (BEI) is a private charitable foundation registered in Austria that focuses on improving the education, health and welfare of children in impoverished communities in various parts of the world. We cooperate with NGO’s and professionals and are guided by their knowledge and experience, in promoting meaningful projects.

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