International Symposium 2012

simposium 2012

In May 2012 The Barrington Education Initiative sponsored the first “International Symposium on Teacher Enrichment” held at the SNDT Woman’s University in Mumbai, India. BEI has always believed that sharing knowledge and learning from the experience of other professionals ultimately leads to the growth and development of all concerned. This belief served as the base for initiating a dialog between leading professionals from two of our projects, one from Mumbai, India, the other from Amman, Jordan.

The dialog was hosted in Mumbai by the Head of the Department of Human Development and Dean of the Faculty of Home Sciences and SNDT Women;s University, Mumbai and took place in May 2012. The dialog took place with a delegation from the Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development in Amman, Jordan (ZENID), headed the Director of the Early Childhood Disability program, together Directors of BEI Switzerland.

The symposium dealt with an array of issues all dealing with various aspects of the Best Practices in Early Childhood Education. This was presented on the one hand by the academics of the university and on the other hand, by he applied side of these practices, as implemented daily in the EC Childhood programs in Jordan and EC programs in Mumbai.

Some of the areas, amongst others, enthusiastically presented and discussed dealt with subjects such as the Implementation of Different Teaching Strategies, Quality in Pre-Schools – the Perception of the Teachers, Supervisors and Principals, the Relationship between Effective Performance Factors and Teacher Retention and a presentation on Infant Stimulation – A Multiple Intelligence Perspective.

The results were extremely rewarding as all of the participants acknowledged their gains by being exposed to different professional approaches and ideas together with the pre-schools, the teachers, the parents, all who want the best for the children.

About BEI

The Barrington Education Initiative (BEI) is a private charitable foundation registered in Austria that focuses on improving the education, health and welfare of children in impoverished communities in various parts of the world. We cooperate with NGO’s and professionals and are guided by their knowledge and experience, in promoting meaningful projects.

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