“The department of Human Development, Post Graduate Studies and Research in Home Science (PGSR) S.N.D.T Women’s university, expresses immense pleasure and joy in being associated with The Barrington Education Initiative. We look forward to meeting you in person. It would be our proud privilege to get to know the face and the person behind this gesture of good will and pure intent of doing good to the most crucial members of society – our children”

Prof. Reeta Sonowat – Department of Human Development of the S.N.D.T. Women’s University in Mumbai

BEI Bombay

“The reading of books, listening to stories and participating in a variety of activities has opened up for the children, a world hitherto unknown to them. The study unit is improving their academic performance and the development of the playground has added one more important dimension to the project which now attempts to meet the intellectual, social and recreational needs of the children”

Prof. Harsha Parekh – Executive Trustee of the Bombay Communiy Public Trust

BEI Katha New Delhi “Katha has been constantly supported by BEI for its teacher training program and it has certainly resulted in the professional development of the teachers. The Centre for Creativity in Education has helped our teachers transform the KATHA LAB SCHOOL into a quality school for children coming from nonliterate, economically poor communities and families through research, development of teaching learning materials and faculty development. Your support and assistance has had a positive impact on 600,000 children’s lives and with your valuable partnership, Katha has brought about a vital change in the lives of its beneficiaries and we hope to continue our activities for the benefit of our children “

Parvinder Kaur – Director of Katha Schools New Delhi

BEI MYC“The young people are eager to come to the centre for counseling and we see between 30 to 35 youngsters a day.” // “The children use the newly opened library after school to browse through the books and do their homework and have access to up to date information on the subject of prevention of HIV and coping with AIDS.” // “The project has opened the eyes of all the residents of Mwananyami suburb, parents and children alike and contributed greatly to the children of the area.” // “The project as been well accepted by he municipality, the schools, the parents and most of all by the children themselves”

Comments from counselors, parents and teachers during a project review at the Mwananyamala Youth Centre


“Teachers feel more empowered due to the new equipment, books and materials purchased and the capacity building programs, and there is observable evidence of innovations in teaching methodology. Enthusiasm among the teachers is growing and that naturally has an impact on the children. Most important – school retention has improved dramatically and the drop out rate is now about 7% compared to more than 45% in the country”

Prof. Marmar Mukhopadhyay – Reporting on the BEI School Improvement Program